Destination Greece

Hello my lovely reader!

This is my first blog and hopefully not the last and  will start with info of Greece.

The current population of Greece is 10.4321.481

Athens has 3.154.000

Thessaloniki has 1.012.000

Crete has 617.360

Mykonos has 9.802

Did you know that Greece has 6000 islands of which only 227 are inhabited?

So many beautiful islands and the first question when we do an interview is  if I have a job opening in Mykonos! - Why my dear reader?

I know that Mykonos is well known for kopanisti cheese and you probably want to taste it but Santorini as well has fava ,Ikaria has Soufiko, Crete has staka and I can write all day long to change your mind but I wont.

The most popular places for visitors are Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Zande, Athens and Thessaloniki. In General Greece is  Safe with some of the lowest Crime rates in Europe. The weather in summer is mild and worm but it does get cold in the winder. There are beautiful places to explore from historical sites to beautiful sandy beach.

Greece is a lovely place to visit and why not.. Relocate  for seasonal jobs because all employers provide free housing.


If you are from a EU country interested to find a seasonal job in Greece you need to have a TIN number (AFM)

Getting your AFM  might take longer than a month that means that you need to start  your job hunt earlier.

Have you ever been in Greece? I would love you to contact and share your experiences  .

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