Document Exchange Expert

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We currently have a vacancy for a Document Exchange Expert fluent in English, to offer his/her services as an expert remotely. In the context of the first assignment, the successful candidate will be integrated in the team of the company that will closely cooperate with a major client’s IT team remotely.

Your tasks:

Architecture, design and implementation of the integration layer between backend systems and secure messaging software;

Provide expert advice on confidentiality, integrity, authorisation, authentication, non – repudiation, availability;

Assist the team to test and conduct periodic vulnerability and security risk assessments of the messaging and data transfer system;

Provide comprehensive guidance and consulting for the optimisation of the integration layer;

Participate to the maintenance of technical specifications related to transport and messaging protocols and their implementation in software.


Master’s degree in IT combined with relevant IT professional experience of 17 years;

At least 7 years of experience in ebMS3, AS4, SBDH, XHE, Business Document Metadata Service Location (BDXL), Service Metadata Publishing (SMP), ebCore Party Id Type or LDAP;

At least 7 years of experience in message format standards such as XML, XSD, XPATH, WSDL, JSON, and JSON schema as well as discovery and service location technologies like DNS (NAPTR, CNAME) and DNSSEC;

At least 7 years of experience in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and common data and document exchange patterns as well as case management, workflows, IBM case software (case manager, business automation workflow), HTTP, TLS, WS-Security, Content Security Policy, Web Services (SOAP and REST), OAuth2, OpenID, and OWASP;

At least 7 years of experience in inheritance, 3 polymorphism, SOLID principles, data types, concurrency, design patterns, unit testing, SQL, LDAP, and ACID combined with Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, GIT, SVN, SonarQube, Selenium WebDriver, Serenity, TestLink, Jmeter, SQL, Dynatrace, and Splunk;

At least 6 years of experience in Atlassian collaborative tools like Confluence and Jira as well as IBM Case Manager/BAW and integrating IBM tools with large corporate external tools and systems;

At least 5 years of experience with TCP/IP, Linux, databases, directories, shell scripts, virtualization, load balancers, reverse proxies, web application firewalls, HSM, and TPM;

At least 2 years of experience in  digital signature and encryption with X509 certificates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Associated Signature Containers (ASiC), gzip, and the legal framework for the use of trust services: the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS Regulation 910/2014/EC);

At least 2 years of experience with Docker and Kubernetes;

The following certification is required:IBM Certified Specialist – Case Foundation;

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